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We are Mhari and Chris.


We moved to our small holding in Pleasantville, Nova Scotia in the fall of 2017. We spent the next year exploring our opportunities here on this plot, hosting our homemade wedding, and breaking ground. In 2019 we launched our farm.


Sweet Fern Farm is a year-round farm that offers seasonal produce and farm products directly to customers at market. We currently specialize in fresh greens, vegetables and flowers. We are actively working on expanding our floral offerings through a bouquet subscription and wedding events.


We produce using holistic, environmentally-friendly methods. We use good compost, and no synthetic fertilizers or pesticides. Our namesake plant represents our ethos. Sweet Fern is a pioneer plant that will often appear along the edge of areas of disturbance. The Sweet Fern heralds the succession of regrowth - we want to leave this place better than we found it.

About Us: Our Farm
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